Dolci Follie vogue bra fitting

Dolci Follie in Vogue’s Bra Fitting Top 5!

Whilst leafing through the latest copy of Vogue this month, you may have spotted a familiar name! We were delighted to see Dolci Follie listed on the Vogue Spy page, under Serena Hood’s Bra Fitting top 5.

On the page dedicated to the importance of luscious lace and silk lingerie and slips this season, Vogue Spy didn’t forget the importance of a perfect fit.

We especially liked Serena’s very true comment:

“Behind every great look, there’s an even greater set of underwear”

We couldn’t agree more!

Dolci Follie Vogue bra fitting

Dolci Follie Vogue bra fitting

At Dolci Follie, we know the importance of a good fit when it comes to bras, which is why all our staff are expertly trained in bra fitting. We know each brand can come up differently, and not every bra shape will be suitable for every breast shape, so it can be very helpful to have an expert’s assistance when choosing lingerie.

If you haven’t been fitted for a while, pop down to the boutique for a bra fit. If you’re buying online and are unsure about sizing, call us on +44(0)2072299085 or email us and we can give you some advice.